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6336 S. 209th West Ave.
Sand Springs, OK 74063


Cedar Farm is a small natural, sustainable farm.  We follow the organic process however, not certified organic. We have free range chickens, eggs, grass feed cow and pigs, along with raw milk.  We sale BCS Tractors as well as utilize the tractors and equipment, including tiller, mowers, wood chippers on our farm daily.  We hope you will find a selection of quality products, a glimpse of what small farm life is and what it can be, and hope to inspire those who wish to share the dream. Welcome!

Jim Shaw , Owner / Operator, Cedar Farm


Heritage Tamworth Pork

Heritage Tamworth Pork

Cedar Farm pigs are born and raised on my farm, outdoors on pasture and in the woods where they have the ability to "root" in the dirt to satisfy their natural need to forage and pick the food and minerals from the earth that they require. To supplement this so they are full and productive I make available to them my home-mixed feed of locally grown corn, milo, wheat, sea minerals and milk from my Jersey cows. This provides a healthy diet that is free of hormones or drugs. Cedar Farm pigs are NOT fed garbage.